Meet Our Horses

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ARLEY is a 18 year old Morgan. After riding hundreds of horses, Charley was the very first horse that Karin ever owned. She bought him on November 7, 2004. If it had not been for Charley, Karin’s Horse Connection would not exist. Charley loves trail rides and has been in several 4th of July parades.






16265_610741462290062_1134221318_nCASPIAN is a Thoroughbred/Percheron. He has been with Karin since he was 5 years old.  And when she got him he was green, which means he was not broke to ride. Karin says he is the Mercedes of the barn. Caspian is used for Vaulting and he is trained to the 2nd level of dressage.


PEANUT is a Miniature Horse. He has been with Karin since 2011. Peanut is the sweetest, best behaved, little buddy anyone can ask for.  No one can be afraid of Peanut, so for anyone that is normally intimidated by horses, he is great for building confidence. He is often used for children with special as well as for birthday parties.


Our HorsesRAMI is 18+ (horses never get older than 18 in Karin's barn ;).  He is an Arabian that has been with Karin since 2010.  He is the mildest mannered horse Karin has ever met. He is very trustworthy with young riders in the arena, as well as on the trails.


Our HorsesMAREE is a old Quarter Horse. She was a boarder before Karin became her owner. She is super gentle and mellow and has a very smooth trot. She is a very good therapy horse and she is loved by many riders of all ages and abilities. Maree is used for Therapeutic/Riding Lessons/4H.


Our HorsesROMEO is a Welsh Pony. Karin rescued Romeo from a backyard where he was all by himself without the company of other horses. The owners were scared of him and he was a very unhappy pony. After coming home with Karin and being in the company of her other horses his attitude changed very fast. He is a character and doesn’t lack any self-esteem. He also has blue eyes and likes the girls. Romeo is used at Legacy Stables to teach kids how to hold their balance.


SNOOPY is a Shetland Pony.  He is often the first contact many kids have with a horse. He helps them gain a healthy confidence. His favorite thing is to be rewarded with treats. Snoopy is used for KinderPony rides





WINDY is Paint Horse. She is owned by Kathy Hargrove. Kathy allows Karin to use her in all the different riding programs. Windy had an accident as a foal that left her left ear crooked. Karin says this may be how she got her name, because she always looks like she’s standing in the wind.


Luna-smallLUNA is a Miniature Donkey. She’s been with Karin since Spring of 2013.  Luna’s job is to be cute!  She is used for absolutely nothing except for keeping us entertained with her hilarious brays. She is a true character and we can’t imagine NOT having a donkey any more.


HABAKKUK is a Belgian/Quarter Horse. He has been with Karin Since April 2013.  His nickname is “The Mustache King” because he had a handlebar mustache when Karin bought him.  He loves attention and is an "in your pocket horse." He is as big as he is sweet. Habakkuk competed in the 2018 World Equestrian Games!  He was lunged by Karin and carried a vaulter from Canada.


10423689_10202270856171348_2970602102309016510_nAPACHE is a 14 hand, stocky, Pinto Pony.  He loves to work and is always eager to be loved on by his riders.  Apache is used in all of our programs but is a favorite for birthday parties and therapeutic riding.


image4CHARLES THE GREAT is the biggest horse and king of the barn! But don't let his size fool you, he is super sweet with a puppy dog personality. He has even been in a movie! You can find "Horse Dancer" on Netflix. Charles is a Clydesdale/Saddlebred.  He was in the 2018 World Equestrian Games!  He was lunged by Karin and carried a vaulter from Australia. 


SHILOH is a Dutch Warmblood/paint.  He has an in-your-pocket personality, loves kicking the giant soccer ball and is always looking for attention!  Shiloh is used for riding lessons, therapeutic riding, and vaulting. 


DIAMOND is an Appaloosa/Quarter Horse.  Some think that she is old because of her grey coat, but she just has a unique coloring called 'blue roan'.  Diamond is very smart and loves to play in water. She is used for riding lessons.


PINOCCHIO is a miniature horse who came to Karin in the spring of 2016 as a young foal - he was born in February of 2016.  Pinocchio is always making people laugh with his silly and friendly personality. Kids love to brush and play with him and he is training to be a therapy horse!


 14212555_1379306235443370_8493147469942064254_nSparky is easily confused with Snoopy - they could be twins! The only difference is that he has a white forelock and mane while Snoopy's is black. Sparky is also a Shetland pony who is used for KinderPony rides and lessons.


Pippa is so eye catching with all of her polk-a-dots!!  She is a super friendly pony who loves kids just as much as they love her!  Pippa is used for birthday parties, therapeutic riding, KinderPony rides, and is training to be a TinyTots vaulting horse.

Fortissimo is a young Belgian/Quarter Horse gelding who is still growing and sure to be a big guy!  He is very laid back and has a great personality and is currently in training to become a future vaulting and lesson horse.


TEDDY is solid colored paint horse.  To find Teddy in the pasture, you just have to look for his little teddy bear ears or for the white spot at the base of his tail.  Teddy loves to play with his tongue and lick your hand.   



BALOO seems to be everyone's favorite horse!  He is a Quarter Horse who excels at teaching new students how to ride yet is so versatile that even advanced riders enjoy working with him!









DAISY is a Percheron crossed with a pony.  Daisy would rather be getting attention from people than playing with the other horses-she is so friendly!  She is used as a Vaulting horse, in Birthday Parties, Riding Lessons, and Therapeutic Riding.







YOGI BEAR is a Belgian Horse.  He is just as sweet as he is huge!  Yogi is used for vaulting and lessons.





PASCHA is a Percheron/Paint Horse.  He is VERY smart and will do anything for treats.  He is even learning how to bow!  We use Pascha in our Vaulting and Riding Lesson programs.








AMIGO is a 16hh Quarter Horse.  He has such a sweet face that matches his friendly personality.  Amigo is used in our Riding Lesson program.











JABULANI is a Canadian Draft Horse.  His name is an African word meaning, "Rejoice" or "To bring happiness".  He is still growing and it looks like he will become one of our biggest horses!








GROMMET is Diamond's son.  He was born in 2009 and is a mix of many different breeds: Appaloosa, Quarter Horse, and Arabian.  Both he and Diamond are owned by our Program Director, Grace, who allows them to be used in our programs.