Adaptive Vaulting

Therapeutic adaptive vaulting, or better named horseback riding in different positions, is offered one-on-one for special needs individuals. Vaulting can be done at the halt, walk, trot or canter. Most students quickly relax and harmonize with the horse, gaining balance, coordination, and body strength through the constant stimulation of countless muscles. All sorts of exercises, done as an individual or as a pair, provide a variety and sense of achievement, which is a great boost for the rider's self-esteem--not to mention the FUN!  There are also opportunities to participate in local competitions or shows and earn ribbons!


We use special equipment: a comfortable, non-slippery pad on the horse's back, and a surcingle with two big handles instead of a traditional saddle. This allows the rider to feel closer to the horse, to change positions (backwards, knees, etc.), and to hold on when desired. The lungeur or leader controls the horse, which makes it very safe and allows the rider to focus on what they are doing. In addition, we use side walkers as needed and occasionally a back rider for safety and instruction.  All lessons are open to individuals of ALL ages and abilities.  Taught privately or semi-privately with one of our PATH Certified instructors.  Cost is $30 per 30 minute lesson. 


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